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In 2016, Andris Merkulovs, Martins Bratuskins, and Reinis Skorovs visited the mobile game capital of the world, Helsinki. While in Helsinki, they saw a company that really stuck with them. That company was, Rovio. Rovio is known for Angry Birds, which can be considered one of the most successful mobile games ever. Seeing how Rovio makes money, by selling Angry Birds merchandise, inspired them to find a way to enable any game developer to do the same thing, with zero investment and no risk.

TheMonetizr helps game developers monetize their mobile games by turning design assets into branded merchandise. Providing high returns and ultimate automation-from products to purchase, to manufacturing and worldwide distribution.

The first time the team had a video chat with UpTech’s Program Director, they instantly knew that UpTech was the place for them. “He understood perfectly what we want to do, and we instantly connected. There was nothing left to think about” says Martins. After making the decision to come to UpTech, they kept finding more reasons why Cincinnati/Covington should be their new home. Seeing and experiencing the German heritage, culture, and plethora of breweries in Cincinnati, the three felt more at home. The team hails from Riga, the capital of Latvia, which is also largely based on German heritage. Making their 6-month move away from family and friends, a little easier.

Do you have a mobile game? Do you want to make more money with it? Of course, you do! Hop on TheMonetizr’s website and see how they can help you make that a reality.

To learn more about TheMonetizr, visit their website and follow them on twitter @TheMonetizr.

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