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  • RT  @hasjob : Windows Developer Required for US-Based Startup! https://t.co/lAAAYaDZLt #NewDelhi  @gopapr  4 weeks ago
  • RT  @TankTopJosh :  @Jason  Took the liberty of making an actual https://t.co/Eu0cW3bZs8 design. Will code & finish when time comes if meet for… 4 weeks ago
  • RT  @Andrizzz : Wau, this is a hell of a product! Save tonz of money on 📝 paper for #businesses https://t.co/HemnnPFblW  @gopapr  #startup #sta… 2 months ago

Company Description

Pāpr is an end-to-end hardware+software solution to provide businesses an alternative to printing physical paper.


Josh Israel

Devin Serago

Aayush Kothari

Amardeep Kaur