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The nutritional supplement industry is full of useless, potentially dangerous, and under tested products. How are you supposed to make an informed decision with these facts? That is why Tim Mielke came up with the idea for SuppleMENTAL. SuppleMENTAL is a mobile app to help consumers make better-informed decisions when purchasing supplements.

Tim has written two books about nutritional supplements (The Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginner’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements, and The Supplement Guide: An Unbiased Review of the Best and Worst Sports Supplements). The books were centered around teaching people how to properly read ingredient labels. Tim wanted to share his knowledge with a larger audience, in a convenient way, that is why he is building SuppleMENTAL. 

Tim and his co-founders, Nick Moore and Greg Buns, want to put the research in the palm of the consumer’s hand. Their app will provide knowledge, clarity, and clinical research to make better-informed purchases. “We are putting the consumer in charge, with the ultimate goal being to change the way the supplement industry operates.”

Tim and Greg have been friends for about 10-years, he knew Greg worked in IT and has extensive  knowledge of supplements, so Tim ran the idea by him. His response was, “Ok, how does this not exist already?!” They needed someone to build the app, so they turned to Nick. The three of them went out for drinks one night and Tim shared his idea with Nick. Nick had been wanting to build an app on the side for a while now but wasn’t impressed with any ideas that had seen, until now. Within a week, the three began compiling large amounts of data, and they haven’t stopped! 

Next time you’re buying supplements, whip out your phone and use SuppleMENTAL to decipher what that label really means. 

To learn more about SuppleMENTAL, visit their Facebook page.

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