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With cold and flu season approaching, wouldn’t it be nice to have a warning for which weeks would be the bad ones? This is possible, with the new technology from Healthcast. As the ‘GPS for disease’, they’ll help you navigate through cold and flu season.

If you or a loved one does get caught by a cold or flu, Healthcast can help you see how bad it is and when you’ll be better. They also provide personalized, clinically validated guidance to get you back on your feet.

Looking to the future, the Healthcast team has high expectations for their company. The primary goal is to take the stress and worry out of being sick. Anonymous data from users, benchmarked against CDC reports, builds a global epidemic detection and response system. So anyone in the world, at any time, has the health picture in their hands.

The founders met through previous careers. Dr. Glenn Lawyer was applying artificial intelligence to disease spread at the Max Planck Institute. There, he met co-founder Tariq Khaleeq while Tariq was finishing his masters in Glenn’s department. They started discussing ways to turn this research into a service people could use. As their idea developed they realized they would need strong security and privacy guarantees. This is when they were introduced to Tobias Theobald. Tobias was finishing his masters degree and looking for an opportunity to have a real impact on society. The three took off from there and never looked back.

This September the three left their homes in Luxembourg and Germany for Covington, KY. The team chose UpTech for many reasons, but the most important to them was UpTech’s community involvement. In Glenn’s words; “UpTech is one of the very few accelerators which stresses the local community.”

With a team of entrepreneurs and experts in their respective fields, the Healthcast team is geared for success. Make sure to download the first app in their suite of applications, Confora, to keep you and your family healthy.

To learn more about Healthcast, visit their website and follow them on twitter @Health_Cast.

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