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Like a lot of college students, Nick Guiliano had no idea what he wanted to do when he “grew up.” As a student in the College of Business at the University of Cincinnati, studying Information Systems, he had the opportunity to co-op with Ahalogy. A good co-op will teach you one of two things, either how much you love the career you’re studying, or how this is definitely NOT what you want to do. With Nick, it was the latter. Marketing just was not his thing. Luckily, he was able to meet a couple amazing front end developers and designers through Ahalogy. These individuals really inspired him to go down the same path.

After leaving Ahalogy, Nick taught himself how to code. He also began coaching Lacrosse with Luke Moderwell. At the time, Luke worked for Mindbox. He taught Nick everything he needed to know to become a designer. Which led to Nick joining the Mindbox team as an intern. It was at Mindbox that Nick perfected his skills and discovered his love of startup culture.

Growing up, Nick wanted to be a pro-basketball player, until he was cut from his 4th-grade team. When his NBA dream was cut short, Nick joined his school Unicycle team, (which is a real thing, google it!) which he was on until high school. When he isn’t at school, working at UpTech or on his unicycle, Nick serves on the tech team at his Church and loves to Mountain Bike.

Starting at Ahalogy, he saw the growth of StartupCincy first hand and continues to watch it grow here at UpTech. As an UpTech Design Intern, Nick is most excited about working with 9 different companies, (5 of which are international), improving his graphic design skills, and working with the rest of the UpTech team.

Join us in welcoming Nick to the UpTech family!

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