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Last month, Healthcast won 4000 EUR ($4500) in the 1,2,3,Go business plan contest. This European contest supports innovative projects in Luxembourg and its surrounding regions. The contest is the culmination of a 4-6 month program. The contest draws entries from Luxembourg, Belgium, France’s Lorraine region, and the German states Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Entrants to the program are first screened by a reading committee based on a two-page summary of the project. After passing this screen, entrepreneurs are supported by coaches and mentors as they develop a 30-page business plan. Plans are then reviewed by three jury members following a rigorous evaluation method.

The detailed business plan helped structure and document much of the thoughts and strategy for Healthcast.

In the end, their effort paid off. Healthcast received their award at the closing ceremony, in Liege, Belgium on September 22nd.

“Startup competitions are special. Since the entrepreneurs know exactly what the others are going through, the events turn into big cheering matches,” says Healthcast CEO Glenn Lawyer.

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